How we Work

How does Dissertation Forum work?

To enjoy our services, you first need to become our member. You can become a member by signing up for one of our packages. We have a number of packages catered to researchers from diverse fields of study, including Arts and Humanities, Law, Medicine, Sciences, Engineering, Business and Computer Science. When you sign up for membership with Dissertation Forum, you will be required to state your field of study. Researchers of the same field of study will be grouped together so that they can share their research woes and solutions.

As a member, you will be given access to the forum. In the forum, there will be various topics and categories for which discussions are ongoing. You can contribute to the discussion by sharing your views and ideas. We also allow researchers to upload documents and links which may be helpful to fellow members. We have several administrators who work behind the scenes to screen your comments and documents before they are visible to the entire Dissertation Forum community. We do so to ensure that no one misuses the forum space. This way, you can be sure that all the information on the forum is highly relevant and trustworthy.

Our administrators are always on the lookout for novel ideas and best practices. So, if they come across information that is helpful and unique, they will upload it into a section known as ‘Best Practices’. If you are in a hurry and need information on the go, you can always refer to the ‘Best Practices’ section. Researchers who constantly upload helpful documents and initiate interesting discussions will stand a chance to win gift vouchers on a monthly basis.