Importance of A Peer Review In Dissertation

This article deals with dissertation and then the importance of Peer review in dissertation. Dissertation or thesis is a document or a research paper submitted while pursuing an academic degree or professional qualification. It usually is composed of an author’s research and findings on a particular given topic.

Writing Dissertation is not so easy task and sometime it is more challenging as the final result may not turn out to be as expected. The reviewers and the evaluators at the PhD level have high expectations that the reports that they receive are of absolute accuracy and authenticity. And that the research results have to be valid and reliable; otherwise many questions are raised about the originality of the work. Parameters such as rigor in research, scholarly writing and formatting are also scrutinized with diligence. Do not forget about the plagiarism and the punishment that it might hold on to. Academic language and vocabulary has to be of utmost standard. Keeping in mind all the above things and conditions seems to derive lot of energy and passion out of a researcher. Some of them also tend to lose patience at the last moment and also feel exhausted with the repeated changes required in the work.

Peer Review comes very handy under such circumstances. Peer review is about providing a detailed review report to the researcher with their thesis and academic work. Reviewers often consist of experienced people in the form of professors and PhD holders who have been in the higher posts and committees of doctoral research in leading universities. They have expertise in the field of dissertation work and can check on the research documents with greater ease and accuracy. Sometimes they can also provide the right guidance professionally as well as on the personal front. They help to eliminate ambiguity and confusion, leading to bringing clarity to the research work.

They give constructive feedback on the kind of methodology to follow, the writing skills, eliminating language and grammar errors, design of the research and also give guidelines for citations and editing & formatting. This will help in bringing out a comprehensive final report. Reviewers usually keep the data and details to be confidential. With the simultaneous feedback during research, it helps in getting the right direction while the work is still in progress and thus reduces the risk of correcting the whole paper only in the end. There is a lot of importance of thesis work at PhD level and thus it becomes crucial positive impression to proper one’s professional career.

Some of the important services offered by many Peer reviewers are listed below:

Improving the sentence structure – Dissertation without a proper meaning and logical structure makes it difficult to understand the research. Hence it is quite essential that peer reviewer be hired or consulted to eliminate this sentence structures

Placement of Quotations – It is not just about giving the credit by quotations but to appropriately place the quotations so that credibility of the research document is not lost.

Eliminating grammar & spelling errors- Most important factor is to eliminate grammatical and spelling errors from the research document. Peer reviewers primarily focus in this area to help improvise on the given content.


3 Responses to “Importance of A Peer Review In Dissertation”

  1. Philip Griffin Betty Girad says:

    I also got my dissertation peer reviewed by my professor. It worked well for me.

  2. Michael Bartels Michael Bartels says:

    My dissertation got rejected yesterday for which I’m planning to get assistance from some consultants. I am left with no more strength to get my paper rejected again.

  3. Philip Griffin Betty Girad says:

    Michael, you should surely take guidance from some experts. They can give you step-by-step support for each section of the dissertation.

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