Writing the Literature Review Chapter

Once a piece of write-up, shaped up in its eventual form evolves as literature, the job does not end there. Elaborating the contents is not a big deal, especially if you possess a sound and stable command over the language. But, when it comes to writing the literature review, things get trickier. Let’s have a look at some of the points one can consider keeping in mind while writing a literature review.

  1. Key points should be given utmost attention as these would eventually go on to determine the way one would approach towards a particular story and its review. At the same time, repetition should be avoided as there is no point in talking about a theme again and again.
  2. The review should be written in simple, lucid and easy-to-understand language so that it dons a concise look and its core context does not remain confined to one particular section of the audience or readers to understand.
  3. One should never deviate from the core subject of interest and the focus should be always on generating a lucid review, taking each and every relevant point within its ambit.  The review should not be stuffed with too many technical terms or words as this may compel the readers to spend some time in deriving the meaning. Usage of phrases should also be in sync with the subject and it should not change, modify or alter the actual meaning in any juncture or else, it can have an effect on the entire semblance.

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